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Facts on Mike Rinder’s Abuse of My Mom

“Unarmed assault. Husband forcefully grabbed her by the arm.” — Paramedic Report

I wanted to once again go over the fateful day when the attack on my mother happened. I did not expect to see what I saw that day. I really didn’t. It was a complete shock to me that it happened and that I would be witnessing my father, Mike Rinder, assaulting and abusing my mother, physically and mentally.

What happened, in a nutshell, is he grabbed her arms and was forcibly holding her to the point of cracking her shoulder and causing nerve damage. He gouged her flesh and some of the flesh was removed from her arms. He screamed profanities at her, held her down with the strongest grip that he could, so she couldn’t move, and actually so he could break her shoulder, essentially, and hurt her arm. After that happened, of course, she needed medical attention.

A paramedic came and treated my mom. And the paramedic report cited it as “Unarmed assault. Husband forcefully grabbed her by the arm.”

It was plain as day. The evidence is there. I’m an eye witness. I saw it happening.

The truth must be made known.

I want Mike Rinder to tell the truth about it. And I don’t want him to have an excuse to continue to act like and fake that nothing happened, when my mom is living in pain for the rest of her life.

Thank you for listening.

This is Taryn with Justice4mom.

Domestic violence is its own pandemic .

Expose the truth.


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