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Elimination of Violence Against Women - Who is Tony Ortega?

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about how bad actors use social media to spread disinformation and thereby amplify hate towards others. I realized that my father, Mike Rinder, is a microcosm of this problem. Because that is exactly what he does to my mom and our family.

Once I noticed this and put the pieces together, I decided to do a video on each person that my father, Mike Rinder uses to attack us. I figured I could at least give them the benefit of the doubt, in case they don’t realize how they are being used.

The type of people he chooses to do his bidding varies wildly, from people who are mentally unstable; fully fledged supporters of sex-trafficking; and women who take advantage of men sexually.

Tony Ortega is the first one I am exposing. He has been used by my father, Mike Rinder to victim shame myself and my mom continually. Some highlights are:

In December 2018 Mike got him to post that I, Taryn, “...pretend that some incidental contact during an ambush is somehow proof that her dad is an abuser and should be fired...” He got it right that my father IS an abuser and should NOT be supported, and by the way, his show was canceled.

In April 2019 Mike had Ortega write that, “Bernardini [my mom] pretends she’s the victim of domestic violence, and her daughter Taryn pretends that her mother is the victim of justice.” You heard that right, he said “PRETENDS” that my mother is a victim—ignoring x-rays, MRIs, doctor reports and eye-witness accounts corroborating the truth. Classic bully mentality.

I write this not to defend the fact that my mother is essentially crippled for life and that Mike Rinder isthe cause of her pain—although that is perfectly true—no, my point is that my “father” uses people like Tony Ortega to victim shame my mother and I.

And who is Tony Ortega? He’s a blogger with a long history of this type of behavior. Look into his background and records…the New York Times stated that Ortega was the “attack dog” for who “had become a major player in sex trafficking.” Yes, you did read that right; Ortega used his voice to PROTECT sex traffickers. That’s disgusting.

And now my father, Mike Rinder, has him being his attack dog—to attack his own family.

Nothing more need be said…except…don’t support Mike Rinder and don’t listen to his attack dogs.

This is Taryn with Justice4Mom.


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