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A Troll by the Name of Jeff Augustine

2022! I hope your New Year celebration lived up to your expectations!

As we slide into the New Year, it is no time to rest—strides must be made towards eliminating support for those who commit domestic violence.

With that in mind, here is the next video in the series I did to expose how my father, Mike Rinder, uses people to victim shame and attack my family.

This is a strange sort of circular snake pit. A troll, by the name of Jeff Augustine, takes disinformation (lies) that Mike has put out and repackages it to further hate towards my mom and me. Then, Mike Rinder praises Augustine’s work and links to it on his blog and social accounts—this is a true feedback loop.

A little bit of information about Jeff Augustine.

Augustine is a lapsed Pentecostal who believes that his name “has spiritual power” and that he is “the agency by which new truths are made known.” He has also said that “the secret of the origin of the universe was revealed to him by the Eminence that spoke to him through an inner voice,” and that he received a “massive download from infinity.”

Why he is parroting my father’s hate, I do not know. But Mike is good at getting others to do his dirty work. In this case, he is feeding lies to a troll so they can attack his daughter and his ex-wife whom he harmed for life. Terrible.

So again, don’t support him or those whom he uses as attack dogs.



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