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4th of July America’s Independence Day!

This week we celebrate freedom not only as a country, but as individuals. To me this means freedom from oppression, freedom from abuse and domestic violence. And freedom to believe in what you want to, to do the job that you want to do and be who you want to be!

As always, raising awareness against domestic violence and exposing domestic violence perpetrators is the main thrust of Justice4mom.

I do this by shedding light on the abuse my mom experienced at the hands of my father, Mike Rinder. He injured her for life in a brutal attack. She is still, 11 years later, in pain every day of her life. And is subject to much victim shaming and hate by him continually.

My personal journey of speaking out against the abuse of my father, Mike Rinder, and standing up for my mom – the victim – is how I celebrate Independence Day and freedom today. This journey has been one of courage, strength and honesty. To speak out about my own abusive father and his violence and to have the strength and tenacity to do so, no matter what, is what makes me proud to celebrate this 4th of July 2021!

I wish you all a HAPPY 4th of JULY! Spend it with your family and friends, at the BBQ or at home. Stay safe! Temperatures are very high across the globe right now, so stay hydrated and safe from the heat.

Do all you can to assist others with their own personal independence and freedom by speaking out against domestic violence.


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