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Mike Rinder, the Man Who Physically Debilitated My Mother for Life, has Officially Entered Old Age

As we all share the common "stay-at-home" order and social distancing, we have all had quite a lot of time to reflect.

First and foremost, I am wishing everyone good health and hoping that all are following the guidelines for this time of crisis to help flatten the curve and bring wellness to all.

It shames me at this time particularly, to know that my father, Mike Rinder spreads hate and commits what I consider to be hate-crimes for a living.

As of today he is moving into his late 60's knowing that he deserted his family, that he was the worst dad one could have (he is the exact opposite of a #Girldad), knowing that he harassed his eldest children for their entire lives, that he committed adultery, that he viciously attacked his first wife and damaged her for life and that he is a hater. There is a word for that: misanthrope.

That is not a very good place to be while nearing the end of your life-span. I wonder if he is going to consider a change of life style? Probably not, but who knows what could happen when death is looming into view.

It would be terrible having a birthday of such significance and looking back at your life and knowing you betrayed and deserted your family—your two eldest children, your wife, your mother, your brother and sister. And knowing that you physically and permanently damaged a woman who stood by you for over 30 years, that you harassed your kids generating nothing but disdain, and that your daily activity is nothing but vitriol and the demented spreading of hate.

I have seen so much heartwarming activity on social media (virtual concerts, zoom charity events, etc.) and so much kindness. It is heartening to know that the majority of the planet (97 ½ percent) is nothing like my father, Mike Rinder, a malicious man.

To all the rest, thank you for being kind and keep spreading love and care!


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