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Offer hope to survivors of domestic violence

What can you do about domestic violence if you don’t have money, time, resources? There is something that you can do that’s very, very simple and very, very powerful. And that is to offer hope.

A little bit of encouragement or just a little bit of offering of hope can go a very long way. I know in my journey for getting justice for my mom that was one of the most touching things that I experienced when I had to confront and go through the attack of my father, Mike Rinder, on my mother. It was a bloody attack, after which we found out Mike Rinder cracked my mother’s shoulder too and damaged her nerves. As a result, my mom has a permanent disability for the rest of her life.

When I tell my story about my father, Mike Rinder’s domestic abuse and his attack on my mother, one thing that keeps me from despair is that I get so much hope from other people and this gives me fuel and helps me to get through each day. And I realized that when you’re getting hope from people and when you’re getting that support you know that you don’t have to keep living with this dark incident that happened and you know you can do something about it.

I have had such an outpouring of encouragement and have seen there’s so many good people in the world and so many people that will support you and don’t like domestic abuse. And it just shined through when I started speaking out.

Thus, I’m asking you to shine a light of hope to a survivor or a victim of domestic violence. That one little action is gonna do so much to help them get through whatever pain they’re going through whether it be physical pain, injuries, emotional pain. The amount of things that hope can help with a survivor of domestic violence cannot be stated.

I saw it all when my father, Mike Rinder, devastatingly attacked my mother and injured her for life.

So I wish you the best in giving hope to other people and giving hope to survivors and victims of domestic violence.

Thank you.

This is Taryn with justice4mom.

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