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Hi everybody. It’s Taryn with justice4mom. This is our third in a series of ten videos and the ten videos that I’m doing cover ten things no women should have to endure.

Today I am covering the results of abuse and how it affects one in the work place.

Mike Rinder so damaged my mother—permanent damage to her nerves, bones, shoulder and so forth that she had to change her entire life in order to function.

First, it was her right arm that became permanently damaged by Mike Rinder and she is right-handed and not ambidextrous. But now she has to use her left hand because she cannot use the right.

So for example, she set everything in her office to be left-handed. That includes her mouse, which she had to learn how to use left-handed, which took quite a while.

Another example is she can’t put her arm up on a desk, like it won’t go there and it hurts very much. So she worked out a different way in order to write or sign things, which is clip boards. She puts clip boards on her lap, puts her arm over it and then can write without moving her arm.

Also any vibration that goes in my mom’s bones puts the pain level up to unbearable, because vibrations are not good.

So in order to rectify that, she did a lot of research on staplers because they vibrate when you staple. And she found one with a nice feature that you don’t have to put any pressure on it. So, she is able to staple.

All in all, there are things people take for granted. And Mike Rinder’s violence and the damage he created, those things—these little things are the things that make life a little harder and that you have to get around and figure out solutions to because of the damage done by Mike.

But here is my point. How can advertisers in their right mind and in their good conscience, support a man who created this much damage to a woman, a woman who was his wife for over 30 years? Mike Rinder has caused this many ramifications due to his damage and domestic violence—how can they support that?

That’s what I’m not understanding and don’t agree with. And so, for all of you out there that are supporting Mike Rinder, his cohorts, his hate-mongers, stop supporting them. You’re actually contributing to domestic violence and making it ok.

No woman should ever have to endure violence/hate/pain.

Those who do must stop supporting men who abuse women.

Thank you.


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