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Denim Day - Standing In Solidarity With All Women Like My Mother Who Have Been Abused By Men Like My

Today was #DenimDay, a day in support of women who have been sexually abused. This day was marked by an event in Los Angeles on the steps of City Hall. Last year I attended this event and this year I was again there, this time with my mother and friends in support of women who are making their voices heard that there is never an excuse to hurt a women. I was proud to be on stage with these women.

This event was put on by Peace for Violence and attended by many officials from City Hall, including Mayor Garcetti, all of whom spoke of the many different endeavors they have started to 1) educate others on this issue and 2) make it easy for victims of abuse to report and get help is resolving incidents of sexual abuse or harassment.

My own father, Mike Rinder, abused my mom, breaking her shoulder and badly damaging the skin and nerves of her arm. She is still in pain today and everyday. Mike Rinder has never once apologized and in fact belittles my mother and I publicly—continually.

Further, Mike Rinder has also publicly supported a man, Paul Haggis, who has been accused of rape by 4 women. Yet my father stands by him, while attacking my mother and myself.

So we were proud to be at this Denim Day event to stand in solidarity with all women who have been abused.

The speakers were so on point and a theme of the event was that it was about action!

As a daughter I was proud to be there in support of my mom.

Unfortunately, it was sullied by the fact that A&E and Mike Rinder orchestrated a staged event to harass us – surrounding us with a camera crew, show producer and 2 others as we were leaving the event. They had to be asked by the coordinator of #DenimDay to leave. Neither my mother or I had any idea who these people were and it is disheartening that they would hijack this event to do this.

We will continue to stand up to men who abuse women and will continue to support others who spread this message.

Enough is enough of support of men who abuse women. Shame on you Disney and A&E! Fire Mike Rinder!



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