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Never Be Afraid to Share Your Story

I received a private message on my Facebook that was so special, I decided to share it on my blog. The message was from a woman who had suffered domestic violence from the father of her six children—her former partner of 29 years.

He carried on a campaign to make her look like the abuser. He turned the whole incident against her. He is a man in denial or worse, just like my father Mike Rinder. And his spreading of lies and blaming her has created stress in her life.

People they both knew contacted her and blame her based on his lies. She was devastated, embarrassed and ashamed. Her six children have also been traumatized by this abusive relationship, just as my brother and I were. But they too know the truth, and they stick by their mom and have no wish to speak to their father. What moved me the most about this message was that after following my campaign, this brave woman has decided to stand up for herself and fight back. I stand with her proud and am happy to set an example for other abused women that we have to be strong. We have to stand together against men like her partner and like my father Mike Rinder. If you have a story to share never be afraid to do so. Your story will make us all stronger and inspire others. I will not give up until I get Justice4Mom and get @AETV and @Disney to decide to do the right thing and #FireMikeRinder. Men who abuse should not be rewarded.

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