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My Father Mike Rinder is in Denial—But That Doesn’t Change the Facts

These photos prove beyond any doubt that Mike Rinder brutally assaulted my mother.

My father continues to deny that he abused my mother. So I decided to make this video to show you my personal photos of her injuries. They prove beyond any doubt that Mike Rinder brutally assaulted my mother. He can deny it all he wants. These photos don’t lie – because of him my mom will never regain full use of her arm.

Are you listening Disney? Are you listening AETV? I want #justice4Mom #FireMikeRinder.

I've been talking a lot about denial and the fact that my father Mike Rinder is in denial regarding the abuse he inflicted on my mom. So I decided to show some of the pictures that I took at the time that she was injured. I wanted to show thetruthwith this video.

In the first photo I show in the video, you can see she has a bandage on her arm and there's a huge gouge and bruising. You can see where a large piece of flesh was taken out of her arm. That photo was taken the day he assaulted her. I saw him do this—I saw the entire thing.

The next photo I show on the video is about 11 days after it happened. Her arm is completely swollen and bruised.

Then there’s a photo that was taken about four months later. It shows her shoulder—it's out of place and that's because her bone was actually cracked and then pulled right out. That photo was taken right before she got her surgery.

Despite the surgery, It's been seven years or more now and she still cannot fully use her arm, she can't write a whole letter. She cannot use her arm to any extent that a normal person can.

So really the point of the video is to show how he really isin denial and I thought the best way to prove that is to show the truth—to show what really happened and that the abuse did happen and that Mike Rinder didabuse her. He physically did that to her body.

I want him fired because he's allowed to be on TV right now and yet he abuses women and he domestically and emotionally abused myself and my brother and my mom, throughout my whole life.

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