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Mike Rinder An Abusive Man

Hi everybody. It’s Taryn with justice4mom. And it’s a new week. And I’m glad to be with you today. Thank you for being with me and watching my video.

Today, in particular, I wanted to illuminate a very specific characteristic of my father, Mike Rinder. For those of you that might have already interacted with him or don't know him at all, it's something to be aware of and to know about so that you don't fall prey to it.

The characteristic that I’m talking about is having a no care attitude. But taking it to an even worse level than that which is not caring to the point of being evil.

A perfect example is this particular incident when my father, Mike Rinder, attacked my mother and domestically abused her. And she's quite small. She’s 5’4”, small boned. And he—he was hurting her. And he was viciously attacking her. And she’s saying, ‘You're hurting me. You’re hurting me. Stop. Please stop.” And he continued. And that is what I mean by no care to the point of being evil—continuing to hurt somebody. Mike Rinder continued to hurt my mother despite her saying, “You are hurting me.”

Any of us—I mean, just take any guy, any normal person—who touches someone or is physically in contact with them and they say, “Hey, that hurts.” A normal person will stop! They don’t want to be hurting someone. But not Mike Rinder.

He’s just plain evil. If he’s willing to hurt his wife—the mother of two of his children—a woman, who else is he willing to hurt?

He’s definitely okay on hurting his children and hating us and spreading lies about us.

This is a characteristic that says: Wow, this guy should not be trusted, this guy cannot be supported.

And that is what I strongly feel and really wanted to make sure was known.

I appreciate all of your support. The supporters and the followers and the encouragement, it means a lot. And it makes a difference.

Thank you for that!


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