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International Women’s Day - Justice4mom

Across the globe women are being celebrated — March 8 being International Woman’s Day!

This is a time to honor the women in our lives and throughout the world. The many achievements of women come to the fore on this day.

The day is also observed with #ENDviolence in support of taking action against domestic violence. On this day organizations large and small come together to show women just how valuable they are in today’s society. That would include the idea that they must not be abused in any way, ever.

The 2022 International Woman’s Day theme is #BreakTheBias. This can mean something to each of us. For me it is an opportunity to continue to raise awareness about the bias I have experienced in my own quest for justice for my mom after her domestic violence attack by my father, Mike Rinder. A physical attack that has left her permanently damaged.

#BreakTheBias -- This means that my father, Mike Rinder needs to own up to his abuse of my mom and stop victim shaming her.

Another way that #BreakTheBias applies is when it comes to others who are inhumane enough to partake in shaming another woman’s pain. That bias, hate and intolerance must stop. Specifically, Leah Remini has the gall to continually attempt to victim shame another woman, my mother. She has wholeheartedly lied about my mom and even ridiculed her for the loss of an infant child.

My father and Leah Remini have taken every opportunity they can on their iHeart podcast to attempt to justify his attack on my mother by making up stories about it – complete fabrications. The two of them cannot and must not continue to be supported in their very bigoted podcast. I am taking some additional actions along this front with iHeart.

Those are examples of how NOT to support and empower women. Let’s use this day to encourage people not to abuse women.

To all women across the world – we celebrate you and your hard work and most of all for being the ones who bear the most beautiful gift of all – new life. Be safe. Be Healthy. Be abuse free!

Lots of love Taryn


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