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A New View: The Intersection of Domestic Violence & Infant Mortality

Attending the National Association of Commissions for Women Annual Conference was fantastic. The panel on health and wellbeing of women was enlightening.

Focusing on the issues of infant mortality and domestic violence—it hit home. My father, Mike Rinder, brutally abused my mother. My baby sister died weeks after birth. It was heartbreaking for my mom. My father was unmoved. I never put two and two together until today—from the panel I learned about the intersection of domestic violence and infant mortality.

It is possible my baby sister’s death resulted from the stress and emotional abuse my family was experiencing from my father.

Only years earlier when I was an infant, my father shook me violently when I awoke him in the middle of the night screaming.

Luckily my mother grabbed me, preventing what could have been fatal. Today was an eye-opening day, one which strengthened further my resolve. It is about the bigger picture.

Men who abuse women cannot be awarded. They cannot be on TV or be given a platform.

Violence against women and children must be stopped. Justice4mom

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