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Victim Shaming Part II

All of my supporters help to give me strength to keep on going with my voice and tell the truth about Mike Rinder. Because my father, Mike Rinder, committed the heinous act of domestic violence against my mother.

It was an afternoon. We had gone—myself, my mom and my uncle—to reconcile our differences, so to speak, with Mike Rinder and to hopefully resolve that. And it didn’t go that way.

Before I could even say or do anything, my father, Mike Rinder, had his hands on my mom and was physically holding her brutally and with rage and hate. A very strong hate. You know when you can feel it. It’s palpable. This was towards my mom. And that really came through. I think it came through in his eyes, in his demeanor and also in his physical attack— that hate was very, very evident. And that hate resulted in her being damaged for life.

Instead of having any sense of ethics or maybe doing the right thing, Mike Rinder just denied it and has harassed my mom, the victim, since that time. And, as a matter of fact, has taken our family and what should be a family unit and trust, and he turned it into lies and hate and fed that into what becomes a propaganda machine. And that then spits out more hate and gets other people to hate, lie, harass me, my brother, my family, my mom, who’s the victim in this case. And that’s the way it goes. And Mike Rinder feeds and fuels this propaganda machine of hate against his family, his very own family.

Ending that support of Mike Rinder is part of getting justice, justice for my mom, justice for women. It is part of making this world a better world and stopping a man who hates, who is violent toward women, who lies.



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