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Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence

Hi everyone. It’s Taryn with

Even in today’s world situation, domestic violence is a very real issue and one which I am passionate to put an end to.

I went through a situation where my father, Mike Rinder, domestically abused my mom and maimed her for life. I was with my mom and my uncle and all of a sudden out of the blue my father started attacking my mom, in a full-on, vicious rage. Because of how strong the attack was and how roughly he was hurting her, he broke her shoulder. He damaged her nerves. He gouged her flesh, and she actually has permanent damage now for the rest of her life.

My father, Mike Rinder, denied his actions. And honestly, the bald-faced lies were shocking to me because I was standing there when he was—had his arms on her body and was hurting her and intending to hurt her. And I saw the blood. I saw his anger and intent to hurt my mom. I mean that is something you can’t erase from your mind—believe me.

I don’t want any other woman to have to go through that.

So now here I am I have justice4mom and that gave me a voice and it gave me a platform to take action and to take a stand and so I did.

I’ve been able to make quite a difference with justice4mom with that platform and voice.

And actually, some big companies that were supporting my father, Mike Rinder, stopped supporting him. Disney and A&E stopped, and thank you very much because that’s one more domestic abuser not being supported.

So really I want to tell you that you can make a change. You can make a difference and you can take a stand. So if you want to know some of the things you can actually do to take action against domestic violence, I’ll tell you a few of the things I did and I suggest doing them. Things that I felt helped make the change.

I use social media a lot—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I made my own site: Justice4mom. That way I have a platform and a voice on social media to get the message and the truth about the domestic violence known.

I know it’s old school but write a letter. That gets attention. I did personal messages. I did various things to contact the people that were supporting this abusive man—Mike Rinder. And tell them my story and the truth directly from me.

You will see that you get a lot of support on social media and from various organizations and groups. People come out and help. I have received lots of communication, such as, “Oh my god. I want to help you. Oh. How can I help you? Oh wow. Your story’s impacting. I want to do something about it too.”

My point is don’t hold back on telling the truth, and you’ll get all that support back.

Continue to take a stand and don’t stop exposing the truth of domestic violence abuse.

I hope what I have covered is of help to you.



Take a stand against

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