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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: In 2010, my “father” grabbed my mom’s arms, crushing and twisting them so hard that she sustained lacerations, bruises, nerve damage, and a shoulder injury.


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Today was another empowering day.

I am being heard. I don’t even need to say that I won’t be silenced anymore. I am not silenced. I appreciate the many ears listening to me speak and supporting me in my campaign.

It is funny, I ask so many people what they think of “men who abuse women such as my father, Mike Rinder, who abused my mother to the point of life-long injuries sustained.”

Every person I spoke to was first and foremost appalled to hear what my father did to my mom. They were appalled that with his record of abuse to my family and women and his support to other men who have been outed by the #me too movement, he has not yet been fired. I have learned that the public are sick and tired of women abusers and definitely hands-down felt they should be stopped, held accountable and definitely not allowed to be on TV.

I was very moved by the response I got personally, when they heard my story. There was not a single person who felt that Mike Rinder should be given any support.

Every day is a new day of strength and resolve to be the change for women. I will carry the torch until men like my father, Mike Rinder, and others involved with domestic abuse are not supported or allowed to go on TV.

#Justice4mom. #FireMikeRinder.

I recently did a survey asking relevant questions regarding domestic abuse and what should be done about companies like Walt Disney and A+E who fund abusers.

I thought you would find the results interesting:

  • If your mother was physically abused by your father and permanently damaged for life, would you go to whatever length to seek justice?

YES – 93.2%

  • Would you insist Disney fire your father if he was paid by Disney funds and he had physically abused your mother in front of you, damaging her for life?

YES – 83.0%

  • If your mother was physically abused by your father and permanently damaged for life, what would you do?

Here are some of the answers to that question that I think you should pay heed to:

  • “Get him arrested and abused similarly. Would also fight to get Disney banned by Public for supporting such a violent man. Keep it up BRAVE GIRL.”

  • “Get him fired from his job.”

  • “I would tell anyone and everyone what kind of sick bastard he is. I would also let it be known that Disney supports an abuser.”

  • “Disney should do the right thing and get him fired immediately.”

  • “I would turn him into the authorities with every bit of evidence I had against him. Then let the legal system sort him out. But I would also boycott (and start a public petition) against the company he worked for.”

  • “I wrote to Disney on your behalf. Your mother is blessed to have you as a daughter.”

  • “I would go to the ends of my strength to get my mother justice.”

  • “I would raise awareness. Start a campaign. Get a permanent restraining order. Start an NGO. Make sure he is put on the list of offenders and abusers for public notification.”

Taryn Teutsch

This isn’t about getting back at my dad, It’s a much bigger conversation. Disney and AETV bankroll a man who has abused women.