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MIKE RINDER ASSAULTED MY MOTHER, PERMANENTLY DISABLING HER: In 2010, my “father” grabbed my mom’s arms, crushing and twisting them so hard that she sustained lacerations, bruises, nerve damage, and a shoulder injury.


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Women Run LA recently held several runs in support of the non-profit, Safe Passage. As soon as I heard about it I signed up with my justice4mom team.

What meant the most to me about running in this race was that I was supporting women and children who have had to leave homes due to domestic violence. I can relate to the victims as I am a daughter of a domestic violence survivor and in fact, a domestic violence survivor myself.

The perpetrator of this domestic violence was my father, Mike Rinder. He willfully and violently harmed my mother. There is a deplorable life-long story leading up to the attack (including the fact did nothing to care for my brother when he was going through treatment for a rare and life threatening cancer with just years to live), which I won't get into now. This abuse culminated in this final violent attack, which cracked and damaged my mom's shoulder and arm so forcefully she had to get surgery. But the surgery couldn’t repair all of the damage. And after extensive physical therapy, doctor visits, etc., we’ve learned that she will never fully recover from the injury. She is crippled for life.

I want to add a statement here about Mike’s character. He is a misanthrope and spreads hate with wild abandon. The fact that his two children (myself and my brother) grew up with the feeling that he hated us gives a clear view as to his nature. This is the kind of man who is capable of physically and emotionally hurting women and children, like those I supported in doing this race and donating to this very special charity.

I went to our Nations capitol DC with strong expectations. All of them were surpassed. First of all, if you have not been to DC, it is a must do trip. The city, buildings and architecture are dauntingly majestic. The people were so nice too!

Earlier this year I had realized how necessary it was to continue to network and make contact with as many people as possible about my campaign, Justice4mom. This is a campaign geared around the very serious subject of Domestic Violence. This is an epidemic in our Country. And where do all the decisions get made - DC! Where do the movers and shakers of our country reside - DC! So that is why I took my campaign to Washington, D.C.

I was really pleased to find that so many of our legislators and government officials are already hard at work tackling the very subject I am also fighting to end. It was clear that they want to put an end to Domestic Violence as much as I do. This was relieving to me and showed great promise for the near future, not only for my campaign, my mother (the victim of the Domestic Violence) but for all women in our country.

This trip to the most powerful 61 square miles in the USA was the next logical step in my campaign, albeit cold!

Our Nation would be a better place without hate. Stop supporting men, like my father, Mike Rinder, who brutally abused my mother.

Today is a great day! It is the celebration of the day I was born. And I can happily say I am proud of where I am today - my life, my job, my beliefs and my dearest family members. The happiest I have ever been. My greatest joy in life is helping others.

Despite these facts, my father, Mike Rinder is spending this day causing harm and spreading hate. He domestically abused my mom. And continues to spread lies and false information about me and my family. #worldsworstdad. He will even do it on his own daughter's birthday. But I guess that is not new. My whole life he ignored me, forgot my birthday, didn't make it for my birthday. To the point that I was positive (and I was right) that he hated me my whole life - he knows this is true, because I told him that is how I felt the last time I ever spoke to him. And then he deserted our family with not one word...

I will still have a spectacular birthday and celebrate artists who do use their platform to help end domestic violence. Those are the real artists and celebrities.

Happy Birthday to all the other 22 January babies!