August 30, 2019

Hi everybody. It’s Taryn with justice4mom. This is our third in a series of ten videos and the ten videos that I’m doing cover ten things no women should have to endure.

Today I am covering the results of abuse and how it affects one in the work place. 

Mike Rinder so da...

August 13, 2019

Hi everybody. It’s Taryn, I’m with justice4mom. And this is the second video in the series.

I wanted to bring about the awareness of what happens to someone when they are abuse by a man like Mike Rinder.

In the case of my mom, because Mike Rinder—seemed to me that he was...

August 11, 2019

Hi everybody. It’s Taryn with justice4mom. I’m here today with my mom, Cathy. And I’m going to be doing a series of ten videos. And the reason why I want to do ten videos is because I want to highlight ten things that a woman should never have to go through. And the wa...

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